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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 28, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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from this shot. as you can see traffic is moving slowly on 95. it has been a mess there all afternoon following a police chase involving a homicide suspect. police are telling us the man driving this suv was wanted in connection with a shooting at the england apartments. officers spotted his suv. then they chased him. at one point he stopped in the middle of the highway and pointed his gun at a police car and fired into the windshield. then he took off again and shot another officer's windshield. after weaving in and out of traffic, he sideswiped a car and lost control. the suspect is now at the hospital with life-threatening after flipping his suv. stray 'stros not -- investigators have not released his name. 18 years old and a killer. that's how police describe a teenager arrested today. the mayor spoke out saying he terrorized his community. he killed a 17-year-o
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week. evan is here to tell us what he learned today. >> we are talking about this man here, james mayfield. he is just 18. his killing started this summer. he and two others drove to confront a man they were angry with. guns were drawn. one bullet from his gun hit that young teenage girl. she is one of his three alleged victims. >> she was always singing. she was always dancing. you wanted her around. >> reporter: that's lori williams, the former choir teach over the young teenager gunned down on august 10th. >> you wanted her around. she was a beautiful spirit. >> reporter: her killing spent shock waves through the community. he was a graduate of wilson high school and captain of the cheer squad. she was days away from heading to college. she should be home now on break after her first semester. her friends reflected on her
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spirit. she made everybody around her feel special. >> he took somebody everybody cared about. it is not one person that i know that had a problem with her. >> reporter: police say this would not be his last shooting. this week, on tuesday, the day after christmas, he is accused of shooting and killing a man outside of a home on douglass street northeast. the very next day another shooting. this time in a home on bryant street northeast. a 21-year-old was shot in the head and killed. 20 hours later he tried to rob a place on berry road. that's where he was caught and put behind bars. >> one person can create so much violence. >> reporter: the
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home. >> you have three families that had to spend this holiday season without their loved one. he is going to have to face the consequences of those actions. >> it is a terrible story. mayfield is the third person charged in the killing. also charged is a 20-year-old phillip daniel. mayfield is a suspect in three robberies across the city. the chief hopes this arrest gives closure to the families. >> what is it going to take the stop the cycle of violence? thank you. a carjacking that ended with a violent accident. a prince george's county man is accused of carjacking and assaulting two cops after a place chase that started in centreville. what set this guy of
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whitney miles is live at the crash scene. >> reporter: what set this guy off is what police are trying to figure out. we know two adults and five children are in the hospital. one of the children is in critical condition. this all started eight miles from where i'm standing, in a neighborhood where no one saw this coming. >> all i saw last night was a police car and an ambulance. i called my neighbor. he talked to the police and they said everything was okay. i just assumed maybe somebody was sick or something. >> reporter: susan lives a few homes away from where a man assaulted a child in a random attack. >> i had no idea this kind of criminal activity happened. >> reporter: before 8:00 p.m. wednesday police say a man knocked on a door on autumn drive. the man punched the child who answered the door. then the suspect drove away in a stolen car
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shopping center, where he slammed in a truck. the police radio gives a chilling account of what happened next. >> the pursuit is headed towards town. >> reporter: the suspect carjacked the truck and lead police on a chase through fairfax county. >> sparks were flying from the wheel well. >> reporter: the suspect slammed in a minivan carrying one woman and five kids. the impact was so violent a child was ejected. >> i have multiple children injured. >> reporter: that's when the suspect ran off on foot. after the wild chase police took the suspect down by hand. two fairfax county police officers were hurt. now they are doing fine. >> they have multiple people going to fairfax hospital. >> reporter: police identified that man has
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28 years old. he is still in the hospital. police had to bring in backup at the hospital because he was trying to wrestle out of his handcuffs. >> thank you very much. police are expected to file more charges against him. in prince george's county a domestic violence shelter that had been closed will not reopen today. stephanie ramirez spoke to survivors who thought they could move back in today. when we reached out to the director, she told us repairs could not be addressed this week due to the holidays. the shelter is working with the county to make sure everybody has a place to stay. residents complained of lack of heat, moldy showers and lack of food in the county's only domestic violence shelter. officials in alabama have certified democrat doug jones as the winner the
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to fill jeff sessions old senate seat. yesterday republican roy moore filed a lawsuit to keep jones from moving forward. he won by 20,000 votes. moore's attorney claims there were irregularities in the election that need to be investigated. jones will be sworn in january 3rd. cities around the country are getting ready for the biggest celebration in new york city's times square. >> we'll have dogs and observation teams and increasing the size of the uniform detail. >> estimated one million people will gather near 42nd and broadway to ring in 2018. while it is a big party it is a big target. new york city has seen two recent terror attacks, including the truck attack that killed eight people then halloween. the mayor says if you see something same
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over whether we should prepay taxes or not. last night the irs boiled it down to this sentence. a pre-payment of anticipated real property taxes that have not been assessed prior to 2018 are not deductible in 2017. people in our area and across the country are lining up to prepay, even if they have not received the bills. the cap is $10,000. our partners at the "washington post" report county officials in fairfax collected more than $10 million in pre-payments on tuesday. county officials say they are still studying the latest irs statement. later on, how the republican tax bill could impact your donations to charity. tonight, new information in the most detailed account we have seen yet on the deadly
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black man in d.c. the snow is not done adding insult to injury in the pennsylvania city. that city has seen
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we have new information on the deadly shooting of an unarmed black man by a d.c. police officer. officer trainer had no reason to pull out his gun after terrance sterling's motorcycle collided with the police cruiser. our -- the shooting happened in september of 2016. sterling has drugs and alcohol in his system and he lead officers on a high-speed chase.
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earlier this month an internal review board recommended officer trainer be fired after breaking police policy. the report found trainer turned on his bodycam after shooting terrance sterling through his car window. a woman is dead after she was hit by a car. this happened at 7:00 a.m. near galveston court. the woman was not in a crosswalk. they have identified her at 52-year-old jaunita tina of woodbridge. the driver stopped. at last check officers had not filed any charges. still ahead, we examine claims by president trump about his accomplishments in 2017. >> it feels like your skin is going to be on fire. the fun isn't over yet for people in the northern u.s. being blasted by bitter temperatures and more snow than they can handle. melissa is back to tell us about ou
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at least 40 people are dead. dozens are injured after a suicide attack. the bomber set of
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blast in afghanistan. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. it appears to have been targeting shiite muslims attending a conference. among the dead are women, children and students. the injured were taken to overwhelmed hospitals. freezing temperatures just sweeping across the northern half of the country. wind chill advisories are in effect for new england, new york and pennsylvania. international falls, minnesota hit a record 37 degrees below zero yesterday. demarco morgan suffered in erie, pennsylvania where more snow is piling up on the five feet that has fallen since christmas eve. >> reporter: for thousands of people under snow in erie, pennsylvania there is no rest for the weary. plow drivers are strugglings to make roads passable. >> this is the tenth time
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have come this way. >> reporter: where the plows are failing, children and neighbors have stepped in. when this car got stuck in a snow bank, strangers pulled over to help get it back on the road. >> they looked like they needed help. >> reporter: these sisters are all trying to make the best of it. >> we have not had a winter like this since we were little kids. it feels good to be playing out here again. >> reporter: in new york, a state of emergency is in effect after they were blasted with five feet of snow. >> i have lived here my whole life. we got hit hard this year. >> reporter: firefighters used bulldozers and shovels to rescue a woman trapped in her home by a six-foot snow wall. much of the united states is getting blasted with bone-chilling cold. a bridge became partially stuck in green bay, wisconsin because of the frigid temperatures. this is the grand haven river in michigan. in minnesota temperatures dropped to 40 belo
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some spots, minihaha falls turned into an ice cave. >> it hurts after a while. >> reporter: the good news is that the airport is back opened. we are headed in the right direction making progress. it is far from over. we can get anywhere from five to ten inches of snow over the next couple of days. demarco morgan cbs news erie, pennsylvania. here's video, a weather observatory in mount washington, new hampshire. they are having fun in the wind. a dude emptied a pitcher of boiling water in the minus 34- degree air and it turns into snow as he dumps it out. i'm sure after this was taken he literally flew indoors to warm up. >> it is not washington. it is the place with the highest wind speed recorded in america was taken.
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when it gets that cold, it is a thing people do. i remember when i was working in kentucky there was a story where somebody got hurt trying to the that. don't do it at home. >> what reason would anyone have to do it? >> well, just living there? >> if you are a weather geek you are a weather geek. you have to love it. >> maybe the summer is nice. >> maybe it is zero. >> we have the arctic chill that has taken place here. it is not leaving us for the next week. temperatures walking out the door it is cold. we are sitting in the 20s. a lot of spots are falling down in teens as we speak. in d.c. right now we are at 22. impressive arctic air mass is overhead. tomorrow we'll have a mix of
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saturday we are tracking our next chance of light snow. it looks some like people will end up with light accumulation. this is not a high-end event. this is not a high end event but it is something to watch. saturday morning any untreated roads will become slick. new year's eve and new year's day turns cold with highs that will only be in the 20s. tonight we are in the teens. we'll see increasing clouds moving in. that will keep temperatures from falling any lower. it is just going to be cold out there. tomorrow here's how your day goes. after starting off with cloud cover in the morning, peeks of sunshine show through by noontime tomorrow. 30 at noon. most of us will be able to crack the freezing mark tomorrow. people who don't, that is north of town where you are likely stuck in hagerstown in the low 30s. d.c. we should make it up to 33 degrees.
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official notice from dulles international airport, their high temperature today was 23. i think that set a new record for the day. the last was 24. here's future cast into tomorrow night. let's talk about the next chance of snow. we'll see clouds building in past sunset tomorrow evening. saturday morning, around 5:00 a. m., we'll see light snow breaking out. best chance of the light snow to be accumulating look around i-66. that's the metro area. to the north we'll see light snow possible. here's saturday towards 7:00 a.m. we have light accumulating snow happening from frederick to gaithersburg to leesburg. on saturday we'll see flurries for the remainder of saturday. then the colder air is filling in behind the chance of snow for sunday. how much snow are we talking about? it is not much. it is en
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accumulations. places closer to the pennsylvania border get get an inch. if you are south towards fredricksburg or culpepper, you are not going to see as much. my main concern is untreated secondary neighborhood roads. light snow on cold ground will cause tricky spots for travel on saturday morning. here's a look at the new year's eve weekend. 27 for new year's eve itself. looks like midnight wind chills will be running around 10 degrees. new year's day 24. that will be as cold as it was today outside. we stay cold in the 20s and 30s with light snow on wednesday and thursday next week. >> . they. the number of police officers killed in 2017 hit the second lowest mark in
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as of today 128 officers died in the line of duty. that's down 10% from 2016 when 143 officers died. 66 were gunned down. that data comes from the law enforcement memorial fund. the only year in the last five decades with fewer deaths was 2013 when 116 officers were killed. president trump is looking ahead to the new challenges in 2018 while reflecting on his accomplishments from this year. he'll meet with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and speaker of the house paul ryan at camp david in january. on the docket, entitlement reform, immigration, the budget and midterm elections. yesterday he boasted about his 2017 accomplishments. >> it is a big, big beautiful ship we are turning around. we have signed more legislation than anybody -- we broke the record of harry truman. >> reporter: the president sied
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he took office. that number is hundreds fewer than the 700 pieces of legislation one bill-tracking website counts signed by president kennedy. president clinton and george h. w. bush signed 200 bills into law. mr.trump took to twitter taking credit for an 83% increase for arrest for members of the ms 13 gang and reducing isis fighters in 35,000 to 1,000 since he took office. >> the secret service and police in west palm beach, florida say they are not using a box truck to block news cameras from recording the president playing golf. this is video from cnn. the secret service tells the cable news channel the agency quote is in the business of protection and investigation not in commissioning vehicles to blood the -- block the media's view
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yesterday the truck blocked their cameras from recording the president while he was golfing. how the new tax overhaul could discouraging people from giving to charity. california is just days away from legal pot sales. coming up, why this might not mean instant forecasts for businesses hoping to cash in. how two guy who is hated high-powered jobs changed their lives with homemade ice cream.
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can ice cream be healthy? one brand is attracting ice cream lovers with a promise of low calories and less guilt. >> they beat ben and jerry's. the first pop-shop opened last month. more are planned. former l.a. attorney came up with the idea as a way to get out of a career he hated. prompted by a pop-up ad he bought a $20 machine in 2011 and sparked his idea. >> it tasted extremely good. it didn't have any sugar. it was rich in protein and all natural. i said here is my escape from law.
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>> incredible. he found a partner. at first it didn't sell. then they turned to social media. the selling point was the calories. an entire pint has as many calories as is single serving of other ice creams. in tonight's consumer alert. corporate boards are taking a tougher stance on vetting ceo candidates for past sexual misconduct. the heightened scrutiny comes against allegations of sexual harassment against executives in the entertainment, technology and media industries. it is time to revise your resume. recruitment experts say january is the best month to get hired. decision maker
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budgets and everyone is stoked about the new year. if you are hunting for a new job, experts suggest networking and using linkedin and not giving up. our temperatures didn't make it out of the 20s today. it feels colder than that. >> we have had wind chill factors in the teens. our high temperatures from today in d.c. was 25. the record were d.c. was back in the 1800's. we didn't get there. it was 19 degrees. dulles set a new record at 23. a record low high temperature. it broke the old record of 24 from 1993. looking outside it is cold. we have enough of a


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